Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life is sweet

I've been in Utah for about 4-5 weeks now & surprisingly I'm loving it! I can't even explain it....*lol*. Who knew that this was where I was supposed to be?! Stupid question, I know....the Main Man...the one who gave me the prompting to come here in the first place....In FEBRUARY!!!!! Yeah, I know. I need to smacked with a 2x4 sometimes. But I finally got here & most things are falling into place. I got accepted to the school I wanted to, I'm enjoying the ward I'm attending, I have a roof over my head. Those are some pretty important things! Yeah, I could have a more stable job....being a temp isn't always the best but it does bring in money when you are working....*lol*. I could use some more work but I won't complain when I'm working....
I've even started to get over my ex back home! Who could ask for more!? Life is sweet right now. I haven't even had to drive in heavy snow yet! I know I will but not yet....*lol* I'm enjoying life right now more than I have in a long time. This is really important to me. I hadn't realized that I wasn't living just surviving, day to day. I'm finally getting the opportunity to live again.
I'm thanking my Heavenly Father each day for what he has given me. These opportunities because it wouldn't be possible with out him. Thanks to all those supporting me here & back home as well. I love you & miss you too.

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