Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Adventure!!!!!!

The time has come for me to leave California! I can't believe it. I'm going to be going to Utah for school. Utah Valley University or UVU as it is better known. Formerly UVSC. I'm finally going to finish my degree in Photography & get my Bachelor's in Fine Arts(BFA).
I've needed to break away for some time and I'm finally going to do it. There are many reasons that I'm leaving and going so far from home. True, I'm not going to the other side of the country or even leaving the country but for me this is far from home. Especially, since my life has revolved around my illnesses & my doctors. But with their blessings & support, away I go!
I can't wait to get out there & take pictures, get a job & finally start school in January(if I'm accepted....*lol*). I'm finally looking forward and not back. My life up until now has been in many ways looking at my past and wishing that I had done more or left sooner. But I can't change my past & must accept what is. But that is part of life, I guess...*lol*.
My life is changing and although I usually fight change with a passion, I'm embracing this with open arms & running head on into it! Wish me luck!

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